Honors and Mentions



“Design has never had a young audience so keenly on its mind. Will be a hit with any kid just learning to read who needs bright colors and simple words to follow.”
— Betsy Bird, A Fuse Number 8 Production


“Simon is an author/illustrator worth watching. In appreciation, I can only echo the birds’ words: ‘Encore! Encore!'”
— Mary Quattelbaum, Washington Parent magazine, March 2006


“This book is both a joy to see and a joy to read…. Simon’s bold, geometric illustrations are captivating….”
Ohioana Quarterly, the Ohioana Library Association


“Annette Simon’s minimalist style makes the most of a few simple shapes and primary colors….”
— Designated Critic


“Have you seen? Very clever….”
— Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom‘s Book of the Week


“…a really funny ending. I love how she chose to illustrate the book.”
— grain edit


“These little songbirds hit a picture book high-note on every page, and are sure to have your own chickadees calling out, ‘Read it again! Read it again!'”
— Esme Raji Codell, “Don’t Miss!” list, PlanetEsme.com


“One of my ALA treasures is this picture book.”
— Liz Burns, A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy


“The words themselves are a vibrant part of the story. And isn’t fun with words what it’s all about?”
— Jen Robinson, Jen Robinson’s Book Page


“Speak it. Sing it! Whisper it. Shout it! Above all, don’t forget to add Mocking Birdies to your classroom library of inspired books.”
The Orff Echo, Music Literacy, Weebly.com


“Clean, stark lines, distinctive shapes, and bright primary coulours will attract toddlers like a magnet. And the text! Mocking Birdies is so much fun to read!”
— Noodlenuts Children’s Books


“I found this [created using QuarkXPress] really interesting; the book has a  quality and aesthetic unlike any other picture book out there.”
— Books I Like, Magpie That