Reviews and Honors


“The book is beautiful and frank. It gives kids the chance to ask questions. The chance to know that they are not alone or the only ones with the twisted and knotted feelings. It’s warm. It’s sensitive. It’s powerful.”


“For opening a discussion, no book is more direct … Grief and hope spill onto intensely colored pages.”

Publishers Weekly


“…Simple, frank, and powerful … The text and art are bold and expressive … Uplifting.”

The Dallas Morning News


“When five-year-old Jack struggled to understand the truth about his sister, Libby, he ended up revealing an even greater truth to thousands of other children….”

Woman’s World, The Woman’s Weekly


“A child’s-eye view of a subject most adults find too distressing to talk about. … It’s the rare picture book indeed that can reduce a grown woman to tears at her office desk.”

The San Antonio Express-News


“…at first glance, strikingly simple, with bold illustrations. Yet, it’s exactly this simplicity that provides enough stretching room for the complex human imagination, encouraging a wandering, domino-effect exchange about life and loss. … Fills a woefully empty niche with uncluttered insight, humor, raw honesty and subtle reverence.”


“It’s a brilliant book–the best one I’ve read for children on the topic.”

Big A, little akidslitinformation


“Poignant, humorous, sad and hopeful. Spiritual, yet non-denominational.”

— Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Center for Loss and Life Transition


“I love this book…. I would encourage people of any age to read and enjoy.”

Helen Fitzgerald, Director of Training, American Hospice Foundation, Washington, D.C.


“Honest and loving…. Thank you, Jack, for sharing your thoughts in a way that can help others during a tough time.”

— Toni James-Manus, M.Ed., M.P.H. Hospice of Wake County, Raleigh, NC